Gramophonic Audio

Steampunk even has its own genre of music! For those who dig deep enough into steampunk, there are two prominent bands that might strike your fancy: Steam Powered Giraffe and Abney Park. Abney Park’s website says that in steampunk music, you will “hear mixes of things like vaudevillian music, circus music, old sea shanties, swing, eastern European gypsy music, middle eastern dance, mixed with modern musics like EDM, industrial dance, etc”.

Steam Powered Giraffe Gear

According to their own website, the members of Steam Powered Giraffe present themselves as Victorian robots with names like “Rabbit”, “The Spine”, and “Zero”, describing their own songs as “memorable, infectious, and as unique as the robots themselves”. Their YouTube channel has almost 250,000 subscribers and sixty-five million views, with their top viewed music videos titled “Honeybee”, “Brass Goggles”, “Automatonic Electronic”, and “Fire Fire”, along with covers of Rihanna’s “Diamonds”, Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger”, and Icona Pop’s “I Love It”, all having above a million views.

Abney Park Gear

Abney Park was founded by Robert Brown and their website describes their own twist on the steampunk genre as “a mix of Gypsy Rock, EDM, Electro Swing, Industrial Dance, and Western music”. However, their top viewed music video on YouTube, “Steampunk Revolution” with 1.2 million views, may as well be a steampunk manifesto; a collage of steampunk machinery and costumes set to lyrics bragging about what makes this subculture unique: “Your subculture shops at the mall, We build ours with blowtorch, needle, thread, and leather awl”.

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